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PostSubject: BEFORE POSTING QUESTION ON PACSTEAM, READ THIS!   Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:24 pm

OTE: Before posting any questions about pacsteam, read this first. The reason why I'am doing this is because a lot of people have been asking me so much question about pacsteam. If this isnt one of your questions then plz post a reply and i'll gladly reply as soon possible.


How do I use PacSteam !??

* Download and install the latest PacSteam Setup posted at this forum
( There are fakes out there with all kinds of keyloggers, virus and trojans )

* Install the PacSteam Setup ( Do NOT remove your SteamApps folder if it already exists,
otherwise the games will not work when you move the steamapps folder back. )

* Run the AutoUpdator and update with the latest patches, fixes etc.

* When the PacSteam Update becomes too big and buggy, I will pack another PacSteam Setup for you
to download and install. Just remember the most safe way is to run the Un-Installer of PacSteam first,
and again; do NOT move your steamapps folder or anything. No games will be deleted and your
settings and account information will still be there.

* To prevent people from having trouble logging into servers, the Seti Master Servers are now a part
of PacSteam as standard, but there are still many more servers to play on, so in order to get the full
server list from steam, simply run the UNDO patch.

* Since many also have a legit steam account, but isnt going to use it on cracked steam because that
will only get it disabled at some point, there are now a "cracked" and "legit" steam patch to be able to
switch quickly betwine cracked and legit steam. This way you wont have too install steam 2 times on your

How do I create a BLANK Steam account !??

Install steam ( Into diffrent folder than fx. already existing Steam folder )

You will get 2 options: CREATE NEW STEAM ACCOUNT or LOGIN TO

Press CREATE NEW STEAM ACCOUNT, and login with this BLANK
account !!!

Using your legit account will just get it disabled at some point
( When hitting a server that will log and report your ISP to VALVe )

Help with ANY kind of PacSteam error

If you have problems installing a new version of PacSteam because you get an error, then
try to delete ALL files and ALL folders EXEPT from the "SteamApps" folder in steam !!!

If you get a specifik problems with hl1, goto the account folder and delete the "half-life"
folder, and if the problem is with hl2, delete the "half-life 2" folder

Now startup steam again.

In case of an update / cracked steam crash

When a new update crashes Cracked Steam, look out for a new version of
PacSteam ( The date of the release ). If you have created a favorite server
list that you just cant live without, then make a backup of this file before
updating PacSteam with the new version:


When done installing PacSteam, simplly move this file back to the "config"
folder and overwrite the existing file.

Thats it for now. If you can think of something I missed here, feel free to
post it.

Before a new crack is available after a cracked steam crash:

In case of a steam update that makes steam crash and everyone else is
sitting around waiting for a new crack to pop-up, you should still be able to
use Steam-Buster to startup and play most of the games:

How to play EXPIRED GCFs on PacSteam

Due to many questions about this, I just desided to make this a topic ( for now ):

Use Steam Buster to play ALL your expired GCFs !!! If the game wont start, just goto your account folder and delete the game folder, and let Steam Buster unpack the GCF again.... Then the game WILL work just fine even without an updated GCF

If you get ANY kind of error trying to start up steam / games in steam and dont know
what to do at all, please read and try this:

1) Delete ALL files in your steam folder except from the "SteamApps" folder
2) Install PacSteam ( ALWAYS use latest version ), run it and it should work

If this does NOT work, you should turn your attension to your version of Windows
( Scan the PC, make sure you have all the latest windows updates etc. etc. )

If none of the above works, try to delete the "half-life" / "half-life 2" folder in your
account folder ( In the steamapps folder )

If you want to have both legit and cracked steam installed on your PC at the same
time, I will surgest that you can choose one of the following steps:

1) Install legit steam and cracked steam, and keep them separat at all times OR:
2) If you dont have the harddisk space for this, you have to shut down steam, move
. . the "SteamApps" folder from one steam to the other before startup. If you get problems
. . like games not pressent, only 1/2 updated and things like this, try to delete the
. . "registry.blob" file at the current steam folder.

Download PacSteam Tools and take a look at the patches !!!!

If you cant find servers to play on your self, and keeps getting one of these errors:

Run the SMS Patch !!! This will give you ONLY The Seti Master Servers, witch you will be able to connect to 99% of
the servers listed !!!

Download PacSteam Tools and take a look at the patches !!!!

The HKEYs is already build into the PacSteam setup, but if you should get this error:

If you already used latest PacSteam setup, I only know of one thing you can do:

1) Install legit steam into the folder where PacSteam will be placed....

2) when it ask for login, close it ( Click the X in the upper right corner ) and install pacsteam on top of the legit steam...

Then it should work without the "purchase" error...

If this does not work for you eighter.... well...

Some will get the "purchase" error too if they do not have enough HD space on the drive


94-19 in a game... Not a bad score XD

XFIRE: fen0mn

I am 42% addicted to Counterstrike.
What about you?
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