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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:42 am

I will giving warnings based on them here too. If you want to know how many warning points you have pm me I'll be keeping track...


Breaking some rules will give you a warning. 15 warnings is a ban for a week. Some will get you permabanned on the first offence. I think you can tell which are which. MODS/ADMINS MAY BREAK RULES BUT ENCOURAGED NOT TO

Basic layout: <Rule number><Rule><Punishment for breaking the rule>

1 This rule list is not total, the excuse 'it wasn't on the rules list' isn't applicable. This is not a democracy.

2 Respect each other. Don't call each other names. 1 warning point.

3 Don't reply to a thread just to say it's shit. 1 warning point.

4 Don't troll. Don't reply to a thread about The Simpsons to say that Family Guy is better. 5 warning points.

5 If someone does something wrong, report them. Flaming or attacking them will get you 5 warning points.

6 Don't post porn. Permaban.

7 Use descriptive thread titles. Things like 'Help' or 'Something I saw..' aren't descriptive. 1 warning point.

8 Do not make parody threads. 1 warning point.

9 If you're posting a link to a news story say why and/or state your opinion. Do not just post links. 1 warning point.

10 Do not copy and paste new threads from a website. 1 warning point.

11 Do not post things like 'this is against the rules' or 'wrong forum'. 1 warning point.

12 Spell properly. That's why we go to school. 1 mistake is fine, more than one is 1 warning point.

13 Do not reply to threads just to reply. Replying with things like 'uh.. ya' or 'what' will get you a warning point.

14 If you're replying to a thread asking for help, HELP OR DO NOT POST. 1 warning point.

15 Don't steal stuff and claim it as yours. Don't use this rule as an excuse to bitch if you're not credited for your work. They need to claim that they made it. 1 warning point.

16 Read the thread before replying. Don't be a crack head. 1 warning

17 Don't make threads to get us to make up your mind about something ie 'Should I get a PS3 or XBox360?'. Make up your own mind. Don't use this rule as an excuse to flame people for making a thread to ask opinions ie. 'What is the best MP3 player?' The warning points will depend on the members and more details.

18 We just have to stress the fact that some people insist on using improper grammar, if it persists WE WILL without a doubt give you a warn point.

News articles - Do not C&P!(admins excluded) Give your own summary/opinion and POST A SOURCE
Useless threads will also be locked.

Some members maybe let go for various reasons, don't get mad if you get a point, just try and correct whatever problem you made. I'll take away you're warning point.

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Forum Rules
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